Freddie joined Morgan Jones in 2019 and has quickly established himself as the marketing authority in the group. Bringing years of experience to the role he is in charge of all aspects of the brand's marketing.I'm passionate about making marketing more human and less robotic and automated. Marketing is about making true connections and having great communication.

The First Year

It’s been an incredible year for us here at Morgan Jones. We have now had new leadership for a whole year. Nicole, Chelsey, Kim, and Anna took over Morgan Jones, ushering in a new era to the story of Morgan Jones.  Anna  For 15 years I lived and breathed recruitment. As a member of Morgan Jones, I developed some fantastic friendships along the way.  Jonathan and Julie-Ann were fantastic leaders and good friends. They gave me opportunities to develop, grow,

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Cost of living – 40-Year High Inflation

When you see the news, there is one story dominating the headlines. The cost to live has gone through the roof. The cost has gone up but wages have stayed the same. Inflation has hit a 40-year-old high at 10.1% and it has been recently revealed that 50% of low-paid workers have had to use food banks. With that, there is a risk of low-paid workers becoming unemployed because of the recession. Just to live in a rented home an

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Morgan Jones is Carbon Neutral!

We are carbon neutral! Our first big step to becoming a Net Zero company. Where the UK government aims to halve greenhouse gases by 2030 and to reach net zero by 2050, we wanted to help lead the charge by reducing our footprint down to nothing (and maybe, just maybe, becoming a net positive company). This has been a goal for a while, and we decided to take this seriously this year. Morgan Jones has taken a great green leap

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Homelessness – A Growing Concern

Homelessness is a growing concern for many in the South East. This is an issue that takes many forms, it can range from families worrying that they are going to become homeless to finding someone living under a bus shelter or an awning. Begging for money or food just to survive is not something we would wish on anyone.  We are sat here with a privilege. A roof over our heads and access to food and water. These things we

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The Apprentices Begin!

A little while ago we had an idea – what if we bought in some apprentices to join us? We thought about it and after a while we decided we would hire some. That is exactly what we did. So here we are, and now after they have been here a month and settled in a bit we decided to do a “meet the people” kind of exercise. So here are our wonderful new apprentices. Faybia Startup Company Role: Apprentice

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