How Transferable Skills are the best, powerful, and proven key to changing careers

“But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. “ We all know the quote from Taken by now. You might not have Liam Neeson’s skill set but you could have skills that are still very valuable. If you’re going for a promotion, changing jobs, or updating your CV, you need to focus on your skills. With that in mind, the most valuable of these skills are your

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Investors In People – Another String To Our Bow

Being a recruitment agency, we’re all about people. We know the importance of investing in people, their skills and their experience. So with that, we have always put our staff forward. As a result we are delighted to announce that yet again we have achieved the Investors in People accreditation. 80,000 Hours That’s how long most of us will spend at work in our lifetimes. It equates to about 1/3 of our life. For something that takes up that much

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Why we’re covering 1000km for charity

2020 has been a difficult year for everybody. There have been lockdowns, quarantines and job losses across a huge variety of fields. Some of those hardest hit have been charities. The incredible work these charities across the country do has been hampered by a lack of resources, movement and most importantly a lack of donations. This is affecting charities and causes across the country. This isn’t just for the big charities, but the smaller ones are really suffering. Across Kent

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