Why Employers Should Consider Using Temporary Staff

Last Updated on 15th July 2020 by Freddie Chirgwin-Bell



One of the main reasons employers choose to hire temporary staff is because it offers flexibility.

During busy or low periods within a company they have to adapt their team, this is where the flexibility of hiring temporary staff comes in handy. Hiring temporary staff is beneficial if you have long-term requirements to fulfil or specific short/long term projects which need to be completed.

Sometimes staffing requirements are unexpected and urgent. This may be due to an unexpected departure of an employee or an increase in business, when something like this happens all you need is new staff in your organisation quickly, this is where temporary workers could be the solution.

Morgan Jones have a database of temporary workers, if they are the right fit for the role in question then they could be ready to be assigned to your business at short notice. When there is no longer the need for the temporary workers, you will be able to adapt this accordingly.


It can lead to great hires


Sometimes it can be challenging finding employees that are the right fit for your workplace. Hiring a temporary worker can give employers the chance to assess and evaluate how the person works and whether they are the right fit for the role. Doing this means you do not have to commit to a permanent staff member therefore you don’t have the risk of hiring someone who doesn’t fit into your workplace.

Hiring a temporary worker also helps when you need someone short term to fill a position during the recruitment process, this ensures you take your time finding the right candidate.


Temporary staff can help with short-term projects


A lot of companies have short term projects that they need to tackle. Hiring a temporary worker for these can be the most efficient and affordable way to solve the problem when you don’t want to add new positions but simply need another pair of hands for a short period of time.

Temporary workers can come into a business, assist the staff on a specific project and then leave your company to carry on with business as usual when the project is done.


Temporary employees can easily transition into permanent staff members


Let’s say you’ve had a temporary member of staff working for your company, they have shown their full potential and are the perfect fit. The rest of the team get along with this temporary worker and are equally positive that everything progressing as it should be. The temporary worker has already adjusted to the company environment, this makes it very easy to move them to a permanent position.


It’s less expensive


When hiring a temporary employee through Morgan Jones we recruit, hire and run payroll. This saves your company time and money, the hours it takes to search through CV’s, interview candidates and the hours it takes to run payroll all add up.


It’s, well, temporary


Imagine being able to have an employee where they can come and go as and when you need them. With temporary staff, you can!