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Case Study -

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Most people think they know all the energy companies. are an energy business, with a difference. Built on more than 25 years’ experience of sourcing energy supplies in the energy market, they know how to find the best price for your energy.

They also know how to pay for it efficiently so that they pass the savings on to you.

The results are incredibly good savings on your home energy bills.

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Why did they choose Morgan Jones?

As a start-up they needed to make a big impact fast. They needed people who could tackle tasks quickly and be as invested in the success of the company as they were.

In this fast paced environment there needed to be a workforce with the right skills, experience and a dedication to only the finest customer service.

Naturally, we offered our services.

What attracted them to us the most though was that we got to know them and their business. By listening to their needs we got to know the business and its vision on a deep level. From there we maintained an open and honest communication with them.

This has now built into a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, going beyond the standard business-client relationship.

The Brief

As mentioned previously, when we first met they were a small but rapidly growing start up. The demand for their services had been increasing at an exponential rate, therefore they needed experienced and skilled staff quickly to handle the influx of business.

By taking the time to get to know the businesses need and vision, we got to understand exactly what the business required from their staff. Not only on standard skills and experience factors, but on personal factors.

This meant we were not only able to find people with the base requirements, but find those extraordinary people that match the company perfectly in personality, work-culture fit and shared values.

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What we did

The first thing we did, as with all of our clients, was sit down and listen. We listened to what their needs were. Time was a huge factor for goto energy as they needed people quickly. Therefore we needed a clear idea of what they wanted and how we could help them.

From there we scoured our database of exisiting candidates to see who would match the criteria and the culture. From there we narrowed down the pool of potential people significantly.

As time went on, more roles opened up, therefore we needed to apply a targeted approach to finding people within the local area that would thrive in this new business. We leveraged social media in this capacity and quickly found those who fit the bill.

Tailored Service

The key was clear, honest communication between us and They needed to focus on their rapidly expanding business and couldn't afford any miscommunication or lacklustre personnel. Likewise we had to focus on sourcing and screening candidates to ensure quality throughout the process, keeping them apprised of all updates.

As a result;

Morgan Jones matches candidates to our job descriptions, business needs and culture exceptionally well. Our relationship is based on mutual trust and respect.

Lisa Goode, Chief of Staff


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