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Spectrum Service Solutions - Case Study

Spectrum Service Solutions Case Study

Spectrum Service Solutions are an award-winning contract cleaning and facilities management provider. They also have an industry-leading event cleaning division. They deliver cleaning and facilities services throughout the UK to globally recognised brands and events.

One such event is the prestigious golf tournament, The Open.

With the event held in Sandwich, Kent we were more than excited to be a part of it. This was set to be one of the biggest sports events of the year.

On site at The 149th Open with Spectrum

Not A Normal Process

Preparations began six months before the start date, in 2020. Things were going well. Spectrum chose Morgan Jones to act as their local staffing supplier. Our reputation led to a recommendation that put us on their radar but our ethos and track record secured it.

Then disaster struck. The pandemic meant postponing the event. Even then, there were questions over if it was still going to take place in 2021. So we waited, patiently.

Then the confirmation came. The 149th Open was to go ahead. But it left little time to find the staff and organise everything.

As an international event, the standards are high and there were COVID precautions to adhere to.

Countdown Begins

Instead of six months, Spectrum (and by proxy us) had little over three months preparing for the main event.

This was a mammoth task. It would need a concentrated effort and clear communication from everyone.

Anna was very thorough and regularly asked for more detail, I felt this showed her commitment to getting things right for Spectrum and the candidates she was placing. There was regular support if anyone was absent or any information had to be relayed to us out of hours or if Anna was on leave. The Accounts team were also very thorough which made for complete transparency and trust that Spectrum was getting value for money.

Being efficient is the driving factor for the temporary team. Finding the best people for the role goes beyond just finding someone with experience, but finding someone who can truly undertand the needs of the role. They need to be reliable and provide an excellent quality of service every time. These are the people Morgan Jones finds and places into the roles.

Understanding The Brief - Delivering The Results

By understanding what was needed formed the base for our success. We then began to advertise across a variety of mediums such as social media and job boards, but not only this we approached colleges and schools to see if any young people wanted to be a part of it.

We also approached local golf clubs and driving ranges to entice golf fans that would want to take part and help ensure the success of The Open.

We also created posters and flyers, handing them out in the street, placing them in shop windows, putting them in our windows and more.

Within 6 weeks we managed to secure 159 people temporary staff to work at the event.

This covered every shift from early morning to late night and ensured that the entire event ran smoothly and that the best standards were adhered to.

Not only this, we even volunteered our own time to ensure that we would never ask more than what we were prepared or willing to do ourselves.