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Case Study - St Lawrence College

St Lawrence College School Crest

Established in 1879, St Lawrence College is home to 650 day and boarding pupils from across the globe. It's one of the most prestigious schools in the country with a reputation for world class education.

The school is set in a safe, spacious campus of 45 acres. Cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art architecture exist happily alongside the more traditional and very fine late nineteenth century buildings, reminding staff and pupils alike of the long and well-earned reputation of the College, which successfully blends traditional values with twenty-first century enterprise.

St Lawrence College

Why did they choose Morgan Jones?

With such a large operation and a demand for a flexible, trustworthy staffing solution, St Lawrence started their search by looking at local recruitment and temporary staffing agencies. Initially they worked with several different companies to try and guarantee the volume of placements needed to handle their requirements.

However, as time passed, Morgan Jones became the agency of choice.

This is in no doubt because of the high quality of placements, deep understanding of the business and its needs alongside excellent customer service. With a dedicated account manager, Nicole, we were able to build a relationship with the school ensuring a friendly, approachable and hard working service.

The Brief

Throughout the college there were several positions that need filling quickly to deal not only with seasonal demand but also recurring tasks that required regular attendance.

The temporary team's first placements were for cleaning staff. Not only would classrooms and dining halls need cleaning but also the dormitories of their pupils.

With St Lawrence's reputation for high quality, it is only natural that this extended into the kitchens. The task was to find kitchen assistants that could handle the pressures of not only fine dining but catering to over 650 pupils and staff.

What we did

With temporary recruitment, speed is of the essence. As a result we really looked into what was needed for the role and found those perfectly suited to the job within a short period. They were then contacted to confirm their placement in the rota.

As Portia Godden, HR Co-Ordinator said:

The team go out of their way to help us out. They are helpful, polite, efficient and with really competitive rates.

Being efficient is the driving factor for the temporary team. Finding the best people for the role goes beyond just finding someone with experience, but finding someone who can truly undertand the needs of the school and be a good fit within the culture. They need to be reliable and provide an excellent quality of service every time. These are the people Morgan Jones finds and places into the roles.

Tailored Service

Having performed both temporary and permanent recruitment since 2000, we understand that with temporary work there will always be a sense of urgency. Working quickly and maintaining clear communication between us and St Lawrence College became our primary focus. From there would could effecitvely communicate and resolve all issues before they arose and kept them up-to-date with all the developments that they need to know.

As a result, we have consistently sourced, interviewed and placed candidates across several roles and departments.

That saves St Lawrence the time and hassle of finding people in-house and allows them to focus on the more important minutiae of keeping the school running smoothly.


St Lawrence pupils studying on grass
St Lawrence pupils sitting on main entrance steps
St Lawrence College main entrance