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Stone Hill Park - Case Study

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Manston's owners Stone Hill Park, bought Masnton's site in September 2014. The intial plans were to turn the site into about 4,000 homes and business and commercial space.

In July 2019 Stone Hill Park agreed terms with RiverOak Strategic Partners for the sale of the Manston Airport site. As part of the deal, Stone Hill Park has retained a contract with the Department for Transport – part of the government’s contingency planning for cross-channel disruption – to manage the site as a holding area for lorries.

However, with the coronavirus sweeping across the nationa the site had to be prepared and run as a COVID-19 Testing Centre, as well as act as a holding area for international cargo and haulage, with HMRC and Border security staff, operational 24/7.

On site at Stone Hill Park

The Brief

Initially the contract available was soley for the capacity as a holding site for international haulage before travelling on to Dover. Part of these requirements, as part of governement contract, is to use local agencies hiring and employing local persons.

Stone Hill Park approached several local providers, however, it became clear very quickly that Morgan Jones could provide all of their staff quickly, with exceptional service.

When COVID-19 began it's hold on the country and testing sites appeared, Manston's large area was perfect for a drive-through testing site. As such the scope of this project expanded quickly, as did the need to hire local persons.

Why did they choose Morgan Jones?

Although they knew of us a local providers, being a local company themselves, they have stated we were the first company that organised a site visit and face to face work, instead of over the phone. As such the personal touch provided confidence in their selection.

This confidence only grew thanks to the incredible work of the temporary team, who despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, managed to source, induct, train and place 170+ in 7 days.

What we did

The temporary team's placements were for 44 Border Ready Supervisors & Operatives, 177 COVID-19 Manager, Supervisors & Operatives 4 HMRC Duty Managers, and 20 HMRC Marshals

All staff were to operate in shifts covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As Andy Ronchetti DipSec IOSH, Head of Operations & Security said:

The service provided by Morgan Jones was crucial to the whole operation. The input allowed us to meet the obligations laid down by central government and the Department of Transport. Without this commitment and deliverable service, elements of the operation would not have worked.

Being efficient is the driving factor for the temporary team. Finding the best people for the role goes beyond just finding someone with experience, but finding someone who can truly undertand the needs of the role. They need to be reliable and provide an excellent quality of service every time. These are the people Morgan Jones finds and places into the roles.

Tailored, Hands-On Service

Having performed both temporary and permanent recruitment since 2000, we understand that with temporary work there will always be a sense of urgency. This was no exception. Working quickly, we maintained clear communication between us and Stone Hill Park, with Nicole Ramsey being on site up to 7 days a week to provide support not only to the client but to the workers in situ. As such we were responsive to everyone's needs and could address situations quickly with people on the ground and people in the office.

As a result, we consistently sourced, interviewed and placed candidates across several roles and fulfilled every requirement throughout the life of the contract.


The Stone Hill Park Proposed Site