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Redundancy Support Service

Morgan Jones Redundancy Support Scheme

The Sad Truth of Redundancy

Redundancy is a horrible option to think about. If you are having to consider it, it's the last thing you want to do. However, more often than not, you'll have no choice.

With the impact of coronavirus hitting the UK economy hard this is a terrible experience for not only the people made redundant but for the companies administering these cuts.

As a country, the sad truth is that organisations will be reducing headcount through redundancy programmes over the coming months and we hope that this service will help clients demonstrate their compassion throughout this process.

Why Redundancy Support Service?

Why it matters to you

  • You can manage this difficult period effectively with employees feeling supported in their transition.
  • You ensure your employees become your biggest advocates, maintaining good relationships.
  • You safeguard the morale, productivity and loyalty of your remaining employees as they know you will help look after them.

Why it matters for them

  • They're supported during the transition and can focus positively through this difficult time.
  • They have expert support and direction with unbiased, impartial advice that focuses on getting their next dream job.
  • They find and secure the right opportunity, quickly and effectively

Our Redundancy Support Service includes the following:

  • A 1 hour 1-2-1, face to face/Zoom session to highlight areas of concern and focus points for the training.
  • Training, assessments and upskilling, all done through online training providers, included in our package.
  • CV Writing service including strategic optimisation for job boards.
  • Interview preparation including telephone, video and face to face.
  • LinkedIn training including profile optimisation, job searching and strategy.
  • Job board training - How to best utilise and generate results.
  • Ongoing support. We will continuously provide support until they find a role.

This is a comprehensive service so your employees can transition through to the next step in their career, helping to mitigate a lot of the fear and uncertainty they will have with this loss.

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What We Do

Here are more details regarding what each part of the service does.

This will cost your business only �500 + VAT per head. What this means is that you can help your employees move on from business with peace of mind. They will move on with their careers and you can retain an excellent reputation with them without burning bridges.

Redundancy is a scary time for everyone involved, so make it easier on everyone. This is more than just a recruitment service, this is guidance where people need it the most.

Employees who are offered services like this find their next role faster than those who are not offered the service.

These kinds of services are most effective when they provides employees with as much information as possible - it should communicate all the necessary information on logistics, training, future opportunities, financial guidance and anything else that will help them during this troubling time.

It speeds up the process by taking the redundancy stress off of the exiting employees' shoulders. Knowing they have someone to help and talk to empowers them to work towards their next step, rather than leaving them feeling demoralised and demotivated.

First of all, we have to meet the person, understand who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are and where they want to move to. We talk to them about what skills they want to work on or improve, what qualifications they want to obtain and where they see the next step in their career is. We will also offer impartial, unbiased advice on redundancy, their rights, schemes that can help them and more.

We offer one-to-one support in the form of face-to-face coaching, remote Skype/Zoom meetings, online classes and resources, as well as ongoing support and advice until they have found a new position. We only ever do this on a 1-2-1 basis, meaning each and every consultation is personalised to the individual so that we can provide the best service for them.

After our consultation, we work with them to devise a career plan that matches their ambitions, skills and needs. We then assist them in taking the necessary assessments, training and learning new key skills. This will develop their skills, their self-confidence and give them the best chance to advance in their careers. All this is included within our single package price.

We have partnered with a leading online assessment and training specialist that provides key business relevant courses. Having these assessments and undertaking training not only looks great on a CV but also provides a huge confidence boost in knowing they can accomplish what's needed of them.

We will always recommend that people write their own CV, however, during this uncertain time and with the job market as it is, we make sure their CV stands out from the crowd.

Our practical advice comes from over 20 years of experience of helping people find the perfect role. We create a CV that is easily readable, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) compliant and catches the eye of recruiters. We ensure that their strengths truly shine and the experience makes them the best choice for the role.

Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking. However, we will help them put their best foot forward and get them ready for any interview. We cover the most common interview questions and how to answer them, alongside how to create a great first impression, what to bring to the interview and how to ask the right questions to impress the interviewer.

With all of the issues currently going on in the world, many face to face interviews have been replaced with telephone and video interviews which require slightly different skills. We will guide them through these processes and make sure they're ready.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn has made a huge impact on recruitment and the job-hunting process. As the professional social network, this is a highly versatile tool for people to market themselves and their skills.

To best use this platform they may need a helping hand and that's where we come in. We will assess and see if the platform is right for them (for most people it is) and then guide them how to set up a profile, optimise it for recruiters to find them and how to find their next role. We will also give them the tools and strategies to market themselves and get the most out of the platform.

It doesn't matter if it's Reed, CV-Library or Indeed all job boards work on the same principles. We will teach them how to use these principles to get the most out of their job search and how to use the most popular sites to their advantage.

While we look for roles, they can use these techniques to find the best roles for them, understanding how to find roles and approach them to better their chances of success.

Unlike other providers, where there are time or usage limits, we continue to provide help and assistance until they find their next role. We keep them informed and up to date at all times, helping them tackle the job market effectively.

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